really local organising

I’m incredibly lucky with where I live, as an organiser.

Walthamstow, E17. Home of East17.

But not because of them, because of the people who live here now. My neighbours who have variously created blue plaques comemorating the ordinary working people who lived here in 1901, have repaired and taken control of the communal flowerbeds, organised two massively successful street parties, and a ‘mad hatter’s tea party’ for the local kids, and who share knowledge on abandoned local cats, crime, reliable tradespeople, defending migrants, and generally just try to make the area a better place.

They’re organising in the community every day, and completely without any real help from me or anyone else as well (although I do a little bit now and then to help).

On top of that the local (Labour) councillors are pretty good, and totally on board with the community activity, and our local MP who you may have heard of Stella Creasy, has encouraged the launch of multiple local community action groups from campaigners against legal loansharks (inspired by the number of Wongalike payday lenders in the local high street) to a foodbank, a night shelter, a housing campaign, and various others.

Almost everyday it seems in the street I pass someone I know at least well enough to say hello to.

And this is all spontaneous, organised by people just because they think they should.

Needless to say the “papersellers” and shouters and naysayers are nowhere to be found…

(my local community group have a little blog here –

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