strange and “hilarious” benefit fraud excuses…

This story on stupid and unbelievable benefit fraud cases is doing the rounds today, and there are some particularly daft examples from people who should and will be punished.

However lets make no mistake these stories have not been released to amuse us but to continue building the narrative that there is a mass of lazy criminal unemployed people robbing the taxpayer of much needed cash which could be spent on schools and hospitals.

As the info here from the Guardian in January shows…

The vast majority of welfare and benefits spending in the UK goes on benefits to low paid workers and pensioners.

Which brings us to the two easiest ways to cut the benefits bill – raise the national minimum wage to a real living wage, and introduce a cap on rent levels.

But unfortunately the narrative being merrily reinforced by the likes of the BBC and today the Guardian is one of millions of lazy jobless fleecing the likes of me and you.

NB: The recent furore over Jamie Oliver’s crass multi millionaire judgment of poor families (see the internet) is a similar message to the above and recently had this great response in the Independent from Jack Monroe.

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