labour’s UKIP?

(terrible pun alert, sorry) More like Labour’s U Kid right?

This article on the New Statesman blog uses zero evidence to suggest that the amorphous conglomeration of Facebook likes called ‘Left Unity’ may pose as live a threat to Labour as UKIP do to the Tories.

As I said here, Left Unity formed by a small group of people with a long history on the far left (such as Kate Hudson of secretive Socialist Action, and Nick Wrack formerly of the Socialist Party/Militant, and the SWP, Respect, and now the Independent Socialist Network (not to be confused with the International Socialist Network a more recent split from the SWP also involved in Left Unity)) doesn’t offer much evidence of providing a cohesive force that could help a substantial portion of the population articulate their views and values in any meaningful sense.

I will reserve final judgement until after their founding conference at the end of November – but a quick look at their homepage to see the debates currently happening within the organisation or whatever it currently actually is will show exactly how much they seem to be repeating the past from Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party onwards.

I will arrogantly quote myself in conclusion and as a preemptive answer to anyone who might ask what I think people should do to build a movement that can effectively organise for a better society.

There is already a mass movement of hundreds of thousands of people who are using pragmatic and practicial methods to deal with the worst effects of austerity and to build a sense of community among people that may well lead to a genuine resurection of the spirit of 45 – they’re not involved in tiny politicial sects but are involved in unions, charities, NGOs, faith groups, the Women’s Institute, co-ops, residents groups, specific campaigns, and political parties like Labour and to a much lesser extent maybe the Greens.

A far bigger problem for Labour and everyone else is party funding and the potential reforms to third party currently being rushed through the Commons with unseemly haste which threatens everyone who is working for progressive goals.

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