UN secretary general de-recognises staff unions

I’m proud to be a member of a union (the Society of Union Employees) that is affiliated to the General Federation of Trade Unions – which provides support and services to some of the UK’s smaller and more specialist unions.

One of the many interesting things about the GFTU is the membership of the CCISUA

This is the body bringing together people who work for the United Nations around the world, including those working in the field in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti.

Oh look though the Ban Ki Moon has decided to derecognise them – statement from the CCIUSA here.

As the statement from the unions says:

Solutions to improve staff safety and reduce
use of private military security contractors
such as G4S, Dyncorp and Saracen,[footnote
3] as UN staff come under increasing attack.
560 staff have been attacked in the last
ten years, most recently chemical weapons
inspectors in Damascus, resulting in over
200 deaths: Mogadishu (2013), Abuja
(2011), Mazar-i-Sharif (2011), Kabul (2009),
Algiers (2007), Baghdad (2003). Advocating
secure air transport in war zones (4 dead in
a helicopter crash in 2013 and 32 dead in a
plane crash in 2011), and a coroner system to
investigate deaths of staff

As the statement also says by stripping workers of their right to bargain collectively the UN is ignoring it’s own conventions.

You can talk to the unions themselves here on their new Facebook page.

Not only do they provide an essential role in supporting UN workers there is a fascinating story that as far as I know has yet to be written about the struggle to organise an entire industrial relations and collective bargaining system from scratch in UN institutions.

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