a germaine post

The results of the German elections are in and the ruling CDU/CSU of Angela Merkle has remained the largest grouping in the Bundestag, in fact they almost have a majority just by themselves.

However the frankly welcome wipeout of the Free Democrats (cousins of our beloved Libdems) means that the arithmetic for forming a clear centre right government does not add up. Merkle and co seem left with two choices, either they form a “grand coalition” with the centre left SPD or they form a coalition with the eccentric Greens who stood on a more leftwing platform than for a long while this time.

Pundits are predicting a CDU/CSU – SPD lash up; but considering the effect the last one had on the SPD vote I wouldn’t be so sure…

In theory of course the SPD could approach the Greens and the former stasi spies and Stalin apologists of Die Linke – and equally thankless and rocky path I would have thought.

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