more craziness on the wilder shores of politics

One of the electorally more successful far-lefts in the Anglophone sphere in recent years has been the Irish left, thanks to their single transferrable vote electoral system and understandable wide spread discontent with austerity means that they have between 5 and 8 or so MPs (depending on how wide you cast your net), and an MEP spread across several ‘parties’ and groups; as well as independents.

The far-left MEP is a bloke called Paul Murphy who was appointed to take the seat vacated by Joe Higgins when he was re-elected to the Dail.

Now despite the incumbancy factor it’s fair to say that given the fact he wasn’t elected to the seat in the first place means he would have had to work hard to keep his seat in a three seat constituency anyway.

Now things have been made even harder for him by the decision of the Socialist Workers Party (as the name suggests, a sister party of the UK based wreckers and rapists) to stand their own candidate as reported here.

Both candidates claim to have very similar political beliefs and a vision about how they want to see society organised, yet they or their respective parties cannot agree a single platform for what is quite an important and potentially winnable election.

A further irony is that until fairly recently both canddiates were ostensibly working together in a formation called the United Left Alliance that brought together most of the far left groups in Ireland only to split, spawning at least one extra new group at the time.

It’s the usual story of a splintered and self marginalising political scene that lacks ideas, vision, or pragmatism and seems desitined only to finally spiral into irrelevance.

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