oh no the interventionist left are back…

…only this time they’re different.

Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition has published this apologia for Putin’s invasion of Crimea…

So last time of course Lindsey and her pals were rightly opposed to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for a range of reasons not least being the legality or otherwise of such invasions, however now such arguments hold no water for her when Russia with it’s far from clean record in places like Chechnya decides to invade a sovreign state.

Now I totally agree with her that the new regime in the Ukraine is decidedly dodgy – as I pointed out in my last post on the subject, the uprising was heavily influenced and sometimes led by far-right and openly fascist elements some of whom are now serving in the transitional government. But that is no different to some of the Arab Spring uprisings German et al vociferously supported despite prominant roles being played by Islamists.

But to basically support an invasion by an aggressive and expansionist authoritarian regime reveals the bankruptcy of a traditional old left response.

Those of us who oppose Western intervention in the Ukraine need to be consistant and point out that Russia should not be intervening militarily either.

Instead if we really want to help we need to identify genuinely progressive, left, and plural forces within the Ukrainian population who want to build a modern and democratic state and support them to build a mass movement capable of building such a society.

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