are you dense or something?

The Austrians are. The chart in the linked pic comes from Matt Breunig here and is a response to a debate about union density and technology.

Now Breunig deals quite nicely with the facts of union density and/or coverage and how they are not purely effected by global economic trends but indeed obviously behave as actors in the economy; as forces that do things, not simply have things done to them.

But the graph shown and the other graph showing changes in union density and coverage, tell an equally compelling story that requires little backing up with “facts”.

The top five countries with 90% or more coverage:

Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and France. These are all countries which people in the UK frequently say they wish they lived, especially when facing problems at work.

Could there be a correlation between liveability and union strength in a modern liberal democracy?

Why do workers in those countries seem to get a better deal than us? Why are workers in Ireland sitting back and letting the IMF screw them? Why is the US deeply unequal and violent?

Now of course we don’t want to confuse correlation for causation – but it’s worth reminding people isn’t it?

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