the instinctive joy of sticking the boot in

One of the few (very few) pleasures when looking at British politics since May 2010 has been watching the Liberal Democrats. A party which many of us knew has never grown on a principled basis but has only ever won a modicum of political power at local level by presenting different faces to different elements of the electorate. A policy which has led to them winning votes by being a radical centre left party, and a racist party of white reaction (like on the Isle of Dogs back in the nineties) at different times and sometimes even at the same time in the same place.

Partly this is down to the electoral strategy pioneered by Lord Rennard their campaign mastermind for many years, and partly down to the fact that they’ve always accepted any old idiot as candidates especially at the local level.

For us “Libdem sceptics” it was a bittersweet feeling when they entered coalition government with the Tories, yes they were going to empower a reactionary force dedicated to smashing and selling off what was left of the welfare state; but on the other hand they had also exposed themselves as not being what many of the people who voted for them thought they were – a left alternative to Labour.

This has been followed by betrayal after betrayal of what their voters thought they were getting as the Libdems have abandoned every seemingly progressive policy and helped the Tories ram through their social violent agenda. Accompanying this strategy has been an electoral and opinion poll meltdown with the party now polling in single figures on a regular basis. Lastly there has been the unedifying site of them apparently failing to deal with sexual abuse by powerful party members including an MP and possibly in the case of the dead former MP for Rochdale Cyril Smith actually covering it up.

All of this is leading up to a party that could quite easily according to the latest polls come fifth in the Euro-election behind the Greens, while continuing to hemorrhage councillors.

For us haterz, yes we’re gonna hate – and that hate is now turned to joy as we watch the party falling apart as it’s first ever real chance at power has led it to fail in anything it ever promised to achieve, like we always knew it would.

So yes every Libdem lost deposit, every failure to contest an elections, every new polling low – we will be cheering on the demise of these shallow, useless liars.

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