You might expect my first post straight after the marathon election weekend to be about those very elections – so as not to disapoint this brief one will just list some of my initial thoughts (the post I really wanted to make will come later).

  • The local elections were a massive victory for Labour despite what others may say.
  • UKIP did also win a massive victory Britain is now on the way to becoming a 2 and 2 halfs party system (although see the next point).
  • The Libdems are continuing to collapse across the country even in some of their strongholds so all bets are off with regards to 2015 for them.
  • The amount of coverage UKIP are getting is perfectly justified – they are the most successful new nationwide party in the UK since Labour, certainly far more than the Greens. However the quality of the coverage the virtual fawning towards Farage by Dimbleby on the BBC is not so justified.
  • The Euros were bad for Labour, coming second to UKIP is not the issue, but only just scraping above the Tories means questions need to be asked.
  • Lastly for now – we seem to be entering a period where neither main party can expect to average more than around 35% of the vote in a national election.

Phil over at what used to be A Very Public Sociologist spends more time on a lot of points I would echo


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