it’s grimsby up north

(not that it is 100% agreed whether is Grimsby is up North)

The Mail on Sunday has discovered a bit of outrage in Grimsby about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film ‘Grimsby’.

It’s set in the Eighties around binge drinking and football hooliganism in what used to be the largest fishing port in the world and still advertises itself as ‘Europe’s Food Town’.

Predictably some local councilors have whinged saying that it will give the town a bad image it doesn’t need, or at least the Mail has got them to express concerns, it’s hard to know how much of the reaction is manufactured.

As someone who lived and worked in and around Grimsby (my browsers spellchecker keeps trying to change it to grimy) in the late Eighties and most of the Nineties; I think it looks like a legitimate caricature of what things were actually like there at the time, the town was a bleak wasteland with few jobs and little opportunity, stuck out on the end of a motorway and railway system that few people traveled along unless they had a real connection to the area.

The fact is Grimsby is still suffering especially under the current government, who despise people like the average Grimsby resident.

Films like Grimsby may actually play a useful role in getting people to ask how the 6th or 7th richest country in the world can allow local economies to get like this, and in a way that is funny and non-preachy.

And lastly my memory of the local sense of humour suggests very few Grimbarians will be offended by a film that takes the piss out of their town.



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