are we nearly there yet?

So it seems that the General Synod of the Church of England spend most of the sabbath debating the ordination of women bishops. Women priests were finally allowed in 1993, and the first ordinations were made in ’94, but we (or at least they) are still debating the appropriateness of women bishops now.

Now I’m an atheist, so it may not seem like I have a horse to back in this race, or indeed I would imagine that some atheists would welcome a continued rejection of the principle of women bishops in the CoE as it would continue to undermine the position of the established church.

But that’s not my view, I hope the House of Laity of the General Synod votes in favour of this reform. The position of women and men as equals in the official established religion of the UK does play an important role in promoting equality and inclusion in wider society, whether us atheists like it or not. The leaders of the church do have influence beyond their congregations and, often especially when it comes to poverty and social exclusion it’s a positive influence. So we might as well accept it, and work with it – and welcome them when they make progressive changes which promote gender equality.

Edit: Yes we are – nice one. Lots of people seem to be recognising that this is good for society, not just the church as well.


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