so farewell then nick griffin

Two very different takes on Nick Griffin’s step down from the leadership of the British National Party and take up of the new as yet undefined role of party president.

Hope not Hate

Notes from the Borderland

I think it is obvious there has been an internal power struggle, and that Griffin’s demotion has been forced on him and is clearly a defeat for him and his family within the party, one that has come on top of several years of continuous set backs for the BNP.

However it is important not to be too triumphalist about their descent back into almost irrelevance. Yes Hope not Hate and trade unions and the Labour party were able to mobilise thousands of voters to turn out and defeat them, but on the whole what we did not do is convert BNP voters, no they appear to have either become disillusioned with Griffin’s party and voting altogether, or to see UKIP as a more effective way of expressing their views at the ballot box.

Yes the BNP are going down the plughole, a process that should be accelerated under Adam Walker’s “leadership” (the man is an idiot), however the ideas that helped them to win two MEPs, 60 councillors and millions of votes are still out there.



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