would you like your purchase wRAPped madam?

Via the magic of twitter I cam across this yesterday RAP is a project set up by unions and community organisations in New York, in conjunction with retail workers to help them organise with each other and their communities to improve conditions in their workplaces…

Most of their campaigns seem to utilise the very interesting Coworker.org platform to organise petitions around specific issues.

Inspiring stuff indeed and definitely an approach to watch (along with Brandworkers who I’ve mentioned before)

Still reading the RAP site and some of it’s campaigns and its advice page is eye opening for someone use to the relatively OK rights workers have in the UK, for instance many retail workers in NY are paid by having wages loaded onto a prepaid ‘credit’ card, which they then have to pay to access, sometimes even to get statements from. This is the kind of libertarian paradise that a strong right wing tendency in the Conservative party would love to bring in here. You use a service – fuck you  – pay for it. if you don’t want to pay to check your statement, then don’t check it.

This is exactly the kind of approach that the removal of the universal principle to welfare and the NHS will open the door to. If you have to pay to see your GP then why not pay a quid to withdraw some of your wages?




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