happy belated/early anniversary to me

Well I was going to wait until August the 21st to publish my self congratulatory anniversary post, however a look back at my tumblr blog suggest I should have celebrated the third anniversary of this blog in April this year, after all this blog is really just an evolution of my tumblr rather than a completely different one.

It’s interesting for me to look back at posts across the two blogs to see how my move from tumblr to wordpress has led to me moving from a largely graphic and re-post driven approach to blogging to writing more of my own original content, accompanied by a move from discussing pure organising to a much more political theme.

I’ve some thoughts on why I’ve done that, and while it is a kind of subconscious change, it is one that makes sense – I’m saving my thoughts for work, and reserving this space to make political comment that doesn’t fit on twitter.

It’s also interesting (again for me at least) to see how my posting frequency changes from month to month and again seems to be determined by how busy I am at work, August and December being our quietest months.

I may use the anniversary of my first twelve months on wordpress to switch to slightly fewer but longer posts, probably republishing some of the articles I will be writing elsewhere.



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