dusty pamphlets ahoy

Some colleagues and I got to spend yesterday evening at the TUC Library at London Metropolitan University.

Thanks to the librarian Jeff who stayed behind to show us round we got to see just a tiny fraction of the material they hold, essentially they aim to hold a copy of every publication by the TUC or an affiliated union ever, and in several miles of shelving they seem to be achieving that. In addition they also house other collections such as the Workers Educational Association and various smaller ones they’ve inherited or tracked down, based around key elements of working class history.

On top of that great work they also run a couple of websites not least this one – Britain at Work 1945 – 1995

Jeff also mentioned that the library is open to anyone who wants to have a look at the archives, visiting hours are the usual office hours and you can email at the website if you want to make an appointment.

I strongly recommend a trip, I plan to go back to have a look through the publications of the first union I got active in…

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