it’s been a while…

often the ominous title which bloggers use after they’ve drifted off for a bit and intend to attempt a come back before vanishing again for months on end.

That is not my plan – indeed due to work pressures and a renewed focus on my creative writing blog, I don’t have the time to contribute to this blog as I would like.

However yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend two hours in the company of Tom from the Another Angry Voice blog and some people from the New Economy Organisers Network at the NEF offices in Vauxhall.

Tom took us through some of the key points that have made his blog one of the most successful leftwing blogs in the UK with 113,000+ likes on facebook and tens of thousands of shares on Facebook and retweets on twitter.

The take always for me included – catchy simple messages that expose hypocrisy, greed, stupidity in a way that tells a simple story. But always back it up with solid facts.

AAV is an example of brilliant working class research, writing, and polemicising that used to be the preserve of the Trade Unions, Labour and Communist parties but that has thanks to social media been spread out and democratised.

I may not agree with all his politics or posts but when I see his infographics being shared by friends on Facebook who normally ignore political posts it makes me thankful he’s out there.

It did inspire me to put more effort into this blog – so I will be back and onto something like a regular schedule as soon as I can.


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