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Since I don’t have much time this week for posting, check this out. I found it at Naked Keynesism here Advertisements

commitment and collective action in post industrial societies

I was listening to this lecture at work today by Charles Heckscher from Rutgers University, talking about how solidarity and community has not gone away, it has however been radically transformed by de-industrialisation (at least in the Global North) and new social technologies. Well worth watching, I don’t endorse all of his conclusions but he makes […]

dusty pamphlets ahoy

Some colleagues and I got to spend yesterday evening at the TUC Library at London Metropolitan University. Thanks to the librarian Jeff who stayed behind to show us round we got to see just a tiny fraction of the material they hold, essentially they aim to hold a copy of every publication by the TUC […]

would you like your purchase wRAPped madam?

Via the magic of twitter I cam across this yesterday RAP is a project set up by unions and community organisations in New York, in conjunction with retail workers to help them organise with each other and their communities to improve conditions in their workplaces… Most of their campaigns seem to utilise the very interesting […]

why tories should support trade unions (part 94)

I’ve posted several times before about why Tories should support trade unions, maybe the MP for Romford has been reading this blog? Right-wing Tory MP ‘shows solidarity with striking workers’ (maybe)  

The World We Need (and how the unions can help us get there)

Wilson and Picket of Spirit Level fame have written this brief pamphlet for CLASS the Unite backed think tank. Like their popular book it doesn’t say anything new, but it does provide some useful data as to why there is a correlation between trade union membership and density and overall wealth equality/inequality in society. What it doesn’t […] I mentioned the struggle of the United Nations Staff unions to fight de-recognition a while ago. It looks like they have won.

main contractor liability in Sweden

According to the excellent Nordic Labour Journal the Swedish building worker’s union ‘Byggnads’ have won a major concession from the building industry. Essentially the union have negotiated an agreement for the official industry association (BI) to establish fund that would as a last resort pay the wages for work done to the employees of sub […]

are you dense or something?

The Austrians are. The chart in the linked pic comes from Matt Breunig here and is a response to a debate about union density and technology. Now Breunig deals quite nicely with the facts of union density and/or coverage and how they are not purely effected by global economic trends but indeed obviously behave as […]

the need for self awareness

Compass recently published this article by Liam Barrington-Bush. He raises some interesting points although kind of mixes actual radicals with more moderate progressive types in order to make his point. The essential thrust of the article is two fold – the first I agree with wholeheartedly, it is absolutely correct to say that organisations that […]

it’s always nice when academics and policy influencers back up our arguments

Of course you can prove anything with facts as someone once said… Still these two posts over the last few months on the excellent LSE Europblog provide more evidence of why it is irrational for the right to automatically attempt to undermine trade unions (as I last pointed out a while ago) Collective bargaining and […]

UN secretary general de-recognises staff unions

I’m proud to be a member of a union (the Society of Union Employees) that is affiliated to the General Federation of Trade Unions – which provides support and services to some of the UK’s smaller and more specialist unions. One of the many interesting things about the GFTU is the membership of the CCISUA […]